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Conversational AI 
for your business

Get proven, secure, and responsible AI capabilities for your business, build mission-critical solutions that can infuse AI into your enterprise workflows to automate decisions, enhance work flows and optimize customer engagements.

Bring Multichannel
engagements to your business

Build the seamless Digital Customer Experience on the channels that your customers actually prefer. Build your Chatbot once and deploy it across multiple channels.

Engage with Customers on their preferred communication channels, including SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc along with Web Bots on your brand's website.

Prebuilt Integrations
for your enterprise

Neocloud provides prebuilt integration to a wide range of common applications and a robust set of APIs to ease integration with other systems. Our platform comes with more than 120+ prebuilt integrations, and also provide SDK's that connects to our platform using REST APIs, WebServices, Message Queues and more.

Use analytics
to get the big picture

Gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s behavior and reach far more people with the power of your data. Gain access to countless insights for making customers happier and growing your brand, our platform can capture AI-powered insights from the billions of visual data points shared every day without ever missing an opportunity to drive growth, protect your brand, or deliver enhanced customer experiences

Platform built
for your enterprise

Neocloud puts the complete power of managing the platform into the hands of the enterprise. NeoCloud is fully-equipped with enterprise-grade features and functionality. Our team understands your organization’s requirements and provides consultation and services to help you harness the full potential of AI across multiple channels and applications – all while ensuring you experience the lowest total cost of ownership and fastest time to market.

Advanced Platform Capabilities

Nextgen Intelligent
Virtual Assistant

Provide best-in-class intelligent virtual assistant experiences. Purplecloud platform uses AI and machine learning to create truly engaging, human-centric experiences. Our Virtual Assistants can be proactive to check what the customers want, personalize each interaction by page or product etc, and determine the best next steps for great experiences and tangible business results.

Bringing Meaningful Conversations powered by CDP

Purplecloud platform enhances the vocabulary of the Virtual Assistant’s with a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to gain insights from its customer interactions to analyze and populate the context of the interaction with that enables otherwise impossible use-cases and delivers superior user experience.

Customer Engagements

Purplecloud Provide best-in-class intelligent virtual that are capable of supporting and conducting conversations in multiple languages to amplify your reach and scale your localization efforts. With easy to use Visual Editor you can get started with your preferred language and add new languages as you go.


More Capabilities for a
Unified Customer Experience

Real connections with customers can improve customer satisfaction, sales, and retention. A customer engagement platform helps businesses manage complex customer relationships. Be everywhere your customers are and engage with them through advanced engagement tools and capabilities.

Better Benefits, Better Business
Bringing more value for your investments

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