Contact Center Automation

Bring AI, Automation and Digital Self-Service to Contact Centre

Great Contact Center teams do more than just solving customer problems they build lifetime loyalty by delivering consistently outstanding customer service. Purplegrids Agent Experience Suite provides AI Automation, Customer insights & intelligence to deliver timely, accurate responses that improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value.

New & Improved
AI Driven Digital Contact Centers

Automate Workflows
With Agent Assistants

Intelligent Virtual Assistant aims to help the Agents at all times by easing various tedious, complex and repetitive tasks. Start with simple FAQ's for routine questions and build complex conversational flows for automating most customer engagements. With powerful no-code automation and integration capabilities that replace manual processes across systems.


Purplegrids Virtual Assistants Instead of waiting for the website visitor to engage – which can or cannot happen –  it initiates a conversation and tries to persuade the user to do a certain action based on a series of behaviors: Pages Visited, Time on Page, Scrolling, Shopping Cart etc.

Unified Inbox for Connected Engagements

Consolidate all your customer engagements across all channels into one tool and enhance your support experience with business rules and contextual customer data.

Realtime Customer
Data Platform that improves CX

Purplecloud's Customer Data Platform (CDP) offers valuable insights for all stages in the customer experience including customer care and customer service operations at call centers. By giving call center representatives access to a clearer customer view of who they are speaking to on the other end of the line, brands can meet buyers’ needs quicker and deepen their customer relationships, transforming basic services into exceptional experiences.

Key Engagement Features

We support AI Voice. "Alexa, Can you call the nurse ?".

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Social Review Management

Unify your social media and review management in one platform to streamline engagement, gain valuable feedback and improve your online presence by providing immediate responses.

Unified Inbox

Get all patient interactions unified into one common interface for Live Agents. NewCloud Live Chat supports 22 channels from Social Media , Messaging Channels, Website, Native Apps, Ad Platforms.

Appointment Management

Improve patient care,  streamline clinical workflows and automate routine healthcare services and reduce costs with Patient Service Robots. The platform support Pepper, Temi, Pudu robots instantly.

The One stop solution that
accelerate growth, improve outcomes, and reduce costs

We guarantees rapid delivery of quantifiable ROI, and our platform can be deployed in under 4 weeks. Through our unique deployment methodology and partnership framework, we ensure delivery of the outcomes that matter most for your organization.

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