Insurance Solutions

Insurance Automation for Frictionless, Customer Experiences

From policy coverage inquiries, to filing claims, and everything in between, customers think digital first. Meet them where they are and upgrade the customer experience by integrating intelligent insurance chatbots into digital and voice channels for a self-service experience that increases member satisfaction and dramatically lowers operational costs.

Automate Insurance Enquiries
with Virtual Agents

Insurance Quotes

A Policy Advisor Assistant can help your customers find the right insurance policy for them without having to call your customer service agent. It can collect all Customer details and provide them with a right quote.

Claims Submission

A huge amount of time is wasted filling in lengthy claim forms, submitting documents and images. An Insurance Claims Virtual Assistant can significantly improve claims submission process for your customers.

    Policy Management

    The Insurance Virtual Assistant could help Retrieval of policy details and queries on policy, update policy details, ask questions about policy and coverage Ingest your companies documents to create a company knowledge base.

    Payment Assistant

    Use Insurance Virtual Assistant to start accepting  payments for your insurance plans, the platform offers multiple payment options like Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Netbanking, and other modes of payments and also send receipts in email.

    Automate up to 72% of insurance enquiries. Contact Us.

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    Key Platform Features for Insurance

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    Customer Analytics

    Purplecloud platform can analyze digital behaviors to provide unique metrics, visualizations, and automated recommendations every team can use to increase revenue, drive engagement, and fuel growth

    Message Broadcast

    Send product promotions, surveys, new product announcements through Omnichannel broadcasting. The message when sent gets delivered to users in their respective channels.


    Seamless integration with any Backend Insurance systems, CRM systems from any tech provider, through a SOAP, RESTful API and other integration methods on cloud-native architecture.


    Insurance Queries Automation


    Increased Policy Sales with Virtual Assistant


    Increase in Customer Satisfaction


    Decrease in Claims Processing time

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    accelerate growth, improve outcomes and reduce costs

    We guarantees rapid delivery of quantifiable ROI, and our platform can be deployed in under 4 weeks. Through our unique deployment methodology and partnership framework, we ensure delivery of the outcomes that matter most for your organization.