Purplecloud enhances customer interaction in a variety of businesses

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Purplecloud enhances customer interaction in a variety of businesses

When it comes to supplementing certain facets of your business, AI can be employed to streamline and enhance connections between business and consumer. Furthermore, the demand for AI and its use in businesses across the globe is growing at an unprecedented rate. In fact, Gartner predicts that by the end of 2020, ​85% of customer interactions across all businesses will be managed using AI or AI-integrated interfaces​, meaning most businesses will turn to AI in order to efficiently engage in customer interaction. PurpleGrids Conversational AI provides intuitive chatbot systems that will aid businesses in this regard, bringing a new plane of customer-business interactivity. These chatbots are easily integrated through customers’ social media, messaging platforms, and more.


PurpleGrids AI can supplement your healthcare business with chatbots. These chatbots can easily be employed to streamline interaction between your customers and the healthcare facility through the use of chatbots, accomplishing a multitude of tasks from:

Appointment Management​ - Chatbots engage with users on a multitude of messaging platforms and social media services to set up checkups, clinical procedures, and other medical visits.

Simplified Billing ​- Chatbots can effectively gather user payment information to expedite the billing process. Bots can accept payment through many options, including Credit card, Apple Pay, Netbanking services, and more.

Telehealth​ - The Telehealth feature allows the user to set up online health checks, appointment scheduling, and live video consultation with a physician. Chatbots allow all these to be performed operatively through User-Chatbot communication.

Retail and Commerce

PurpleGrids AI provides chatbot implementation to Retail and Commercial Businesses. Benefits implemented include:

Order Management and Tracking​ - Chatbots can be utilized to track customer orders and purchases securely. Users receive order status checks and are able to track order delivery through a plethora of options of media.

Simple Payment ​-​ ​PurpleGrids AI enables users to pay for products via chatbots across several platforms in a wide variety of payment options. This allows for customers to avoid in-store payment or other complicated online payment methods, as the method deploys in customers local media, allowing for quick and easy access.

Partial Fulfillment and Complaint Management ​- Chatbots can receive feedback and related information regarding purchases, process product returns and refunds, and suggest alternative products to unsatisfied customers. Complaints also can be accessed by a business through a single portal, compiled from chatbots.

Banking and Finances

PurpleGrids AI enhances financial management businesses in a variety of ways:

Trouble-free Account Management ​- Several banking actions can be taken by customers through local media such as checking account balances, verifying available Credit, and much more.

Real-Time Customer Assistance ​- Chatbots can answer frequently asked questions on banking protocol, business, branch locations, and much more. Additionally, ATMs can be quick-searched.

Transaction Reports and Data ​- With every transaction, information can be secured including amount, date, location, status, merchant, and more. This allows for customers to be aware of all deposits and withdrawals within their accounts, all through a single media platform.

For more information on PurpleGrids AI and other solutions issued, visit ​www.purplegrids.com​.

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