Benefits of WhatsApp-BasedChatbots during COVID

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Benefits of WhatsApp-BasedChatbots during COVID

The world around us has fundamentally changed since the start of 2020. Consumers’ habits have been influenced by the sudden social distancing situation. This has led to the increased popularity of going online - for anything and everything. In fact, 49% more consumers now shop online as compared to pre-COVID-19 times.

To reach their consumers, businesses are now trying to adapt to the new normality driven by COVID-19. This means that you need to reshape your business strategy according to e-commerce models. So, when developing a new business approach, you need to deliver resilience into operations with scalability and flexibility.

The foremost thing to consider here, therefore, is customer service. It is the most crucial aspect of any business; one in three people vote customer service as the most important aspect of any business. However, as there is no physical contact, so how can we earn the trust of new consumers, retain old buyers, and grow our business? The solution is simple: Conversational Chatbots.

What is a Conversational Chatbot?

Simply put, a chatbot is a virtual assistant that can engage with your customers 24/7. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), these bots offer the perfect human interaction experience while providing instant responses alongside.


A conversational chatbot is a great tool but when interacting with customers, we have to figure  out a way of reaching them without forcing them out of their comfort zones. The best way could  be to build communication via platforms that are already popular.

Now when we talk about communication, the first name that pops into mind is 'WhatsApp' and  why wouldn't it? There are like 1.6 billion monthly users on WhatsApp. This means your consumer  is already familiar with WhatsApp. This is good news because instead of having to establish  another platform for conversation, your business can join them right on WhatsApp.

And this is exactly where Purplegrids can help. We have actually built an AI chatbot that works  on WhatsApp to offer your consumers instant response with excellent communication. We will  talk about our product in detail, but first, let’s understand why WhatsApp is the right platform for  you.

Why WhatsApp is the Best Communication Platform?

As Jan Koum, a Ukrainian American billionaire entrepreneur and computer programmer says, WhatsApp is like oxygen in some countries”. 12 years ago, this software was introduced as a  one-to-one chat app service.  

Back then, the only biggest feature was location sharing. But people loved it, and thus WhatsApp grew fast - to the point that it hit the first 1.5 billion messages in just 2 years! Today, it is the most  popular chat application with several amazing features such as WhatsApp Business, Group  Calling, PiP mode, etc.

Source: Backlinko

Customer Base in Asian Markets

The customer base for WhatsApp is huge, especially in the Asian markets. Asia alone represents  over 2.5 billion WhatsApp users. People are glued to WhatsApp all day long, and with the  pandemic around, they are spending 20% more time on WhatsApp! Therefore, connecting a  WhatsApp-based chatbot means directly connecting to your consumers.

All these stats clearly indicate one fact: your business will thrive with a WhatsApp Chatbot.

Benefits of a WhatsApp Chatbots for Your Business

Through WhatsApp, your business information can be made easily available for all consumers.  You can work with smart replies and custom messaging to stay in touch 24/7. Not only does that  make your business highly accessible but also adds transparency to the mix.

WhatsApp-based chatbots are crucial for businesses because you need to be on the most popular  app. Now that this fact is established, let’s see how Purplegrids can fetch you the perfect chatbot  for your business.

Purplegrids - The Ultimate Conversational AI Solution

Purplegrids is a California-based technology company that focuses specifically on consumer brand relationships. We value the essence of human interactions which is exactly why we develop  unified digital experience platforms powered by Conversational AI.  

Our company builds solutions using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Advanced Dialog Management, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), and Machine Learning (ML). Given the current pandemic situation, we have built an advanced WhatsApp-based software. This platform is all about collating your digital engagements and delivering an exceptional customer experience to your audience.

Purplegrids WhatsApp-Based Chatbot Features

With our WhatsApp-based chatbot, Purplegrids onboards your business to WhatsApp in moments and you can go live in a week. This solution has many benefits, for example:

1. End-to-End Hosting: This chatbot service is an end-to-end solution for WhatsApp which  can be installed over your business number. Your number then acts as a host for the  consumers to use all features of the application

2. Advanced Chatbot Services: Our WhatsApp-based chatbot allows your consumers to  communicate via voice and interactive buttons. Furthermore, consumers can use Rich  Communication Services (RCS). RCS basically allows you to send/receive interactive  messages such as forms, images, and videos that aren’t supported by SMS.  

3. Onboarding within Moments: With Purplegrids, your business can be onboarded onto  WhatsApp chatbot in just moments. No technical expertise is required to connect the  software so it is hassle-free for all.

4. Latest Technology Utilization: This conversational chatbot is built via the latest artificial  intelligence algorithms, which means your business bot will continue learning along with  working.

5. Wide Range of Uses - Owing to its diverse, easy-to-understand features, this software  works for businesses in every industry including retail, healthcare, automotive, education,  insurance, and banking.  

Final Words

The foundations of any successful business lie in its ability to communicate with potential clients.  With the COVID-19 situation, this communication has become virtual so everyone is relying on  technology now. The problem is that pretty much every software company is claiming to offer  advanced solutions. It can be a daunting task for non-technical individuals to actually find the  perfect fit for their business.

Purplegrids understands this entire situation, which is why we have built a platform using an  application that you are already familiar with i.e., WhatsApp. WhatsApp-based chatbots are an  excellent way of communicating with your consumers because not only are they comfortable with  the interface, they don’t even need to get onto a separate platform to connect with you.

Our software provides advanced WhatsApp chatbot services. This means that customers can  communicate via voice, use interactive buttons, and experience the rich media. The whole point  is to transform your business and empower it for advanced customer engagements. Purplegrids  knows exactly how this is done. So, we are bringing you the ultimate solution that can revolutionize  your brand experience forever.

With pandemic not becoming any better, you need to make a decision, and you need to make it  quick. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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