AI Virtual Assistants are Revolutionising Hotel Services

Saturday, May 23, 2020

AI Virtual Assistants are Revolutionising Hotel Services

If you want to provide world-class customer service, you must create memorable experiences for your guests. Creating memorable experiences requires attentive and personal service.

To outdo the competition, many notable hoteliers have deployed AI-based virtual assistants to reach higher service standards.

At Purple Grids, we have developed a proprietary AI-based intelligent virtual assistant that seamlessly integrates with hotel management systems.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a digital concierge, waiter, housekeeper, tour guide, and porter rolled up into a single application. Guests can access the virtual assistant through various apps like Facebook messenger or WhatsApp.  

Virtual assistants take care of repetitive or menial tasks that take up lots of administration time. Tasks like answering questions about facilities or booking taxis for guests, among others.

By taking care of simple admin tasks, virtual assistants save hotels a lot of time - and a lot of money.

How does AI fit in with virtual assistants?

Many modern virtual assistants incorporate AI into their platforms. AI gives virtual assistants some additional functionality, including:

- Guest engagement through extra channels

- Guest analytics to track guest spending and activity trends

- Bespoke, personalised deals and discounts based on the customer’s historic activity

How do virtual assistants work?

After guests book hotel rooms, they receive instructions on how to access and use the virtual assistant. The guest can immediately have their queries answered by the assistant to help them plan their trip.

Upon arrival at the hotel, the guest receives a hotel card with a unique QR code. The card tracks their activity and personalises their service throughout their stay.

The guest can access numerous services usually offered by staff through the virtual assistant, including:

- Reception services. This includes checking in and out, extending a stay, or booking a taxi. Guests can also enquire about facility opening times, or book sessions and classes in the spa, gym, or pool.

- Catering, which includes in-room dining services. For example, ordering coffee, food or making a menu enquiry.

- Housekeeping, which includes cleaning requests, ordering extra linen or towels, or requesting a laundry pickup.

Virtual assistants can also keep in touch with guests after they leave. Automated promotion offers are sent out with deals, discounts, and more to retain customers and build brand loyalty.

Voice commands drive even higher levels of customer convenience

Virtual assistants can integrate with voice-activated speakers like Alexa, Siri, and Google Voice.

Guests can issue voice commands to access the hotel’s services through compatible speakers in their rooms.

Without needing to even pick up the phone, guests can:

- Ask for a taxi to pick them up

- Book a wakeup call

- Find out when the hotel’s facilities open and close

- Enquire about their current bill, or request a longer stay

- Request fresh linen from housekeeping

There are hundreds of other common queries and requests that a virtual assistant can take care of. If the hotel has smart lightbulbs or blinds, guests can control them through voice commands.


AI virtual assistants offer hotels an affordable way to provide world-class customer service.

Some of the biggest and best hotels in the world are already using virtual assistants.

Marriott hotels use virtual assistants to help their front desk staff respond to queries and requests faster. Likewise, Mercure hotels use virtual assistants to answer guest questions about local attractions.

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