Adopting BOPIS Solution with Conversational AI in Commerce

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Adopting BOPIS Solution with Conversational AI in Commerce

The pandemic has shifted the way customers shop online and in-store. Retailers and customers today are interacting with BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store) model in to complete their purchases.

Retail businesses that adopt BOPIS model have the opportunity to provide a more integrated shopping experience for their customers. Today’s consumers look for convenience and speed in their buying choices, and as a retailer, it is highly important for you to fulfill these requirements.

What is a BOPIS Model?

BOPIS model allows consumers to select items online and add them to their carts. Once the purchase is complete, they can choose the retail store’s location to pick up their order. When the item is ready, the customer gets a notification. They can pick up their order by visiting the store or through the curb-side pickup option.

BOPIS model applies to retail stores that have a physical store (brick-and-mortar business) as well as an online shop.

Conversational AI in Commerce

A BOPIS model is not complete without communication between a business and the customer. When your customer shops online, they may have questions about your product or service.

Conversational AI helps answer customer’s questions in a fast and easy manner. Chatbots use large volumes of data and machine learning to process information and convert it into easily understandable language.

Conversational AI has huge business value in today’s e-commerce market as it is a perfect catalyst for an efficient customer experience.

How Adopting a BOPIS Solution With Conversational AI in Commerce Will Benefit Your Business?

Using retail chatbots can help maximize digital sales and enhance in-store experiences for your customers. Here are some of the ways this type of business model can benefit your customers.

Order Management - Chatbots can assist customers in checking their order status and answer any of their questions.

Order Tracking - Customers can keep track of their purchases and shipped orders at any time.

Curb Side Pickup - Customers can connect with businesses virtually. They can pick up their orders without having the need to enter a store building.

InStore Assistance - Chatbots can be embedded in stores at the point of sale. Retail associates can help customers with their queries, share current discounts, and help locate an item.

Delivery Management - Keep track of customer’s delivery packages, status of delivery, and find accurate delivery location.

Partial Fulfillment - When there is an issue with an order, chatbots can notify customers of partial order fulfillment, initiate returns, and process refunds.

Payments - AI chatbots can provide multiple payment options for customers to complete a purchase. They can also send purchase confirmation receipts to their email.

Complaints - Conversational AI helps solve customer’s problems in a timely manner. It can guide them to FAQ or How To pages for further assistance.

How Adopting a BOPIS Solution With Conversational AI in Commerce Will Benefit Your Business?

Purplegrids offers all the listed options above. We strive to automate your consumer’s buying practices and establish channels to scale one to one conversations with your audience through their preferred channels, thereby eliminating the need of hiring an army of agents.

Our conversational AI helps you find, engage and convert more customers in real-time using smart chatbots. From ensuring a smooth payment process, to tracking their order, our chatbots offers customers a hassle free shopping experience. Our model reduces your man-hours significantly and helps your business maximize digital sales through the use of BOPIS solution with Conversational AI and messaging.

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