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Create personalized shopping experiences

Personalize customer experience by driving differentiation in retail with Purplegrids Platform. Automate consumer interactions on the most popular channels of their choice. Bring Social Shopping a reality by reaching your customers in Facebook, Instagram and more.

Conversational Commerce

Scale one to one conversations with your audience on search, social and display on their prefered channels without hiring an army of agents. Find, engage and convert more customers in real-time using smart chatbots powered by Purplecloud.

Buy Online, Pickup at Store

Retailers today are adopting the BOPIS model to meet customer expectations. Buy online, pick up in-store — or BOPIS — is the perfect way for retailers to drive in-store foot traffic and connect their offline and online experiences.

Customer Self Checkout

Scan, Pay and Save Time. Customers can scan barcodes, add goods to their carts, pay digitally from their Mobile Phones using Smart Conversational AI driven progressive web app technology backed by an end-to-end headless commerce platform.

How Retail Brands can benefit from Virtual Agents


Increased Customer Engagements


Web traffic


Conversion Rates


Prebuilt Skills and Capabilities

Retail Chatbots To Offer Your Customers A Better Customer Service And Reduce Your Man-Hours Significantly, Maximize digital sales and enhance in-store experiences with Conversational AI and messaging.

Order Management

Using natural language, customers can place an order on the any of their desired platform, Chatbots also helps users check their order status, open tickets, and answer frequently asked questions. Our bots can even be used to send personalized promotions and offers based on past purchases and customer requests.

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Order Tracking

virtual assistant help customers keep track of their purchases and shipped orders by reducing the number of steps needed to get this information. Customers can track orders and view status details, Customers can choose open orders to track based on descriptors.

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Curb Side Pickup

Purplegrids chatbot makes it easier for small businesses to offer curbside service to customers, the chatbot, connects customers to businesses after they place an order so that there’s no need for them to enter the building to get their purchase, it supports barcode to quickly scan to get it done.

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InStore Assistance

Assists retail sales associates interacting with customers and minimizes their time behind workstations.Retail chatbots can be embedded into every customer touchpoint, to provide a streamlined experience within a store to help customers in their queries of item location, right-fit & discount offers at the point of sale.

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Delivery Management

Purplegrids Chatbots can check the Status of Delivery, Track Delivery in Progress, Find User Location and even route delivery by Google Map.Purplegrids Chatbots can check the Status of Delivery, Track Delivery in Progress.

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Partial Fulfilment

Chatbot can notify Customers of Partial or Null Fulfillment, and process returns, Update Order for Unavailable item and process returns, it can also connect to Payment gateway to Credit the Refund and notify customer.

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Start accepting chatbot based payments for your purchases, the platform offers multiple payment options like Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Netbanking, Wallet, UPI/QR and other modes of payments and also send receipts in email.

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Hospitals and clinics can leverage chatbots to increase brand awareness by engaging customers in the digital channels, the bot based on the conversation could segment visitors and generating new leads, and even setting up appointments could thus occur within the same conversation.

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