Conversational Engagement

ReInvent Customer Engagements

A Conversational Experience to your customer's journey


Customer messaging that fits your business

tickDeploy Chatbots across all customer channels
tickPersonalize every customer experience
tickHelp customer self-serve
tickDeliver outbound messages on your website or app
tickTarget chat to specific segments
tickDo more with 80+ Apps Integrations
tickCommunicate with customers across platforms

Customer Engagement

What makes our engagement cloud different ?

Real connections with customers can improve customer satisfaction, sales, and retention. A customer engagement platform helps businesses manage complex customer relationships. Be everywhere your customers are and engage with them through advanced engagement tools and capabilities.

Live Agents

A single place to manage all your live conversations, Immediately engage with customer in a most effective way across multiple channels with Live Chat.

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Audio & Video Chat

Initiate video or voice call sessions with your web users right from your purplebots. Record every online conversation - be it audio, video, or phone calls across devices and platforms.

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Lead Intelligence

Purplegrids provides key chat metrics such as average response time and handle time, number of messages, geography of the visitor, pages browsed, products navigated, time spent, and messages exchanged in conversations and much more with visitor intelligence.

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Smart Scoring

Rank your visitors against your custom scale using their Conversational metrics. Our software provides highly accurate models to help create scores to each of your prospects so you know you’re only working on leads that are mostly probable.

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Insightful Routing

Routing Rules actually create workflows that can explicitly route a conversation using a rule set. Use visual business rules to intuitively automate Real-time conversations instantly and directly with all relevant data to the collaboration and chat tools that sales or support uses every day.

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Unanswered Messages

Automatically escalate any unanswered conversations to your support team, who can quickly respond to customers and as well add the response to train the bots who can handle similar questions next time.

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Smart Campaigns

Create and manage smart campaigns by adding personalization to your contents by tagging a PurpleBot along with campaigns. Anytime your campaigns are clicked the Purplebots respond.

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Interactive Landing Page

With Conversational Landing Pages, you can take potential customers from an ad or campaign directly to a conversation with your bot or team! also You can create Conversational Landing Pages as well.

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Integrate Chatbots with Payments

Wondering whether your bot can provide the same type of experience, including integrated online payment functionality, the answer is yes. Provide smooth payment experience to customers, present them with buying options, and facilitate simple transactions.


Stripe accept payments online and in mobile apps. With Stripe and Purplegrids integration your customers can pay your invoices using their preferred payment methods.

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Our platform integrates seamlessly with Braintree. You can power your bots popular ecommerce platforms, shopping carts, analytics services, and billing applications out there..

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Razor Pay

Start accepting chatbot based payments thru Razorpay. Razorpay offers multiple payment options like Credit Cards, Netbanking, Wallet, UPI/QR modes of payments.

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Purplegrids integrates with Paytm an Indian Payment gateway to accept payments from multiple payment options such as Credit/debit cards, internet banking, Paytm Wallet and UPI.

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Get started with™ gives you everything you need to manage all your engagements with your customers and reach your business goals.